Melissa Kopp, Doctor of Chiropratic

Melissa is dedicated to the Cottonwood and Verde Valley communities and she believes that everyone is entitled to live a healthy life, full of happiness and laughter! Dr. Melissa Kopp graduated in 2008 from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Davenport is the cradle of the chiropractic tradition, and is responsible for training some of the most renowned chiropractic doctors. Dr. Kopp began her chiropractic journey following a car accident that left her with debilitating headaches and neck pain. Her introduction and experience with chiropractic was so successful that she decided to start a career as a Chiropractic Assistant (CA) and, in her seventeen years as a CA, she was fortunate to contribute to many amazing patient recovery stories.

Dr. Kopp graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic as a Doctor of Chiropractic and practiced in Fort Mohave, AZ, and in Chicago, IL and Sedona, AZ. She practices the Diversified technique, and uses the activator device, stretches, decompression, and physiotherapy techniques to improve the quality of life for her patients. Her focus is on helping her patients to achieve healthy nervous system function and quality of life and she is dedicated to educating her patients and her community.

Melissa was born in Ohio, and she grew up in Southern California. She moved to Arizona in 1993, and she now lives in the Verde Valley with her son, Danny and her two small dogs. Melissa loves to travel. She has visited the Taj Mahal, and plans to travel to Africa soon! Other interests include yoga, and movies (especially action films and movies that are based on true stories), as well as spending time with family and friends. Melissa’s infectious laugh and welcoming spirit encourage the patients and the staff of Main St. Chiropractic to strive for, attain and sustain wellness, and to feel confident and secure in their ability to live a happy, healthy life.


Amber Krippner, Office Manager

Chiropractic Assistant and quarterback,  she keeps us all busy while running the office, we are grateful for her professionalism, sweetness and outstanding positive attitude. Amber also manages the rehab department including physiotherapy and decompression.

"You can't have a rainbow without a thunderstorm."


Debra Skoch, Massage Therapist

Debra has been in the practice of improving lives through the art of massage therapy for over a decade. She received a Bachelors Degree in Exercise Science at Point Loma University and Massage and Fitness training at the California College of Holistic Health. She has an intuitive approach that combines many modalities such as: Relaxing Swedish Hot Stone and Gentle Kinesthetic Release Techniques utilizing muscle testing to achieve precise results. She also has powerful techniques within the specialty of Sports Massage and Trigger Point Therapies. Cupping and Deep Tissue are used when working towards optimal health. Debra also has a knowledge of Reflexology and Acupressure. These therapies can be combined to provide a customized massage specifically designed for each individual patient on the road to recovery. Whether it is pregnancy massage, injury rehab or a treat for yourself or loved one; Debra provides an excellent and effective experience.