“It’s a miracle”!! That’s what we all said and felt after Dr. Melissa Kopp fixed my husband’s arm. His right arm had randomly started jerking erratically when he raised it up and out In front. We thought he was joking or doing it on purpose.  His primary care doctor had no idea what it could be and ordered a CT Scan. My husband couldn’t wait for that and insisted on seeing a chiropractor.  In one visit, with one adjustment of his neck -- it stopped. He was fine!!  We love Dr. Melissa Kopp.


Cecy Gilbert






I am a 69 year old male. I try to keep fit and do a lot of hiking. However, when I was much, much younger I thought I was bullet proof! I used to race motorcycles in the California desert, called Hair and Hound. It seems as much as I enjoyed the sport, I wasn’t that great of a racer. Every race I would end up crashing. I lost count how many times I went over the handle bars.

Thus, I have spent most of my adult life with back problems. The pain would come and go, and at times was severe. My wife had been going to Dr. Melissa for eight months and had great results with her back.

I was having a bad week so I went to Dr. Melissa. Wow, years of pain finally began to melt away. I couldn’t believe how my flexibility improved. I go to her every two weeks now. Every once in awhile my past catches up with me and I can hardly move. I go to Melissa to get a treatment and in one to two days I’m back to normal.

I’ll never be thirty again but thanks to my regularly scheduled treatments, I can still keep hiking. And ride my dirt bike, only slower now.

Yours Truly,

Jimmie H. New


"I came to dr. Melissa after being tired of given medication to just cover my pain not actually cure my pain. I am 33 years old and have suffered with pain for many years due to neck and back problems and Lyme disease associated discomfort. My pain scale was a level of 7 solid almost every day. I am pleased to say that after seeing dr. Melissa for a few short months consistently I am now at a level one with my pain scale. This woman truly lives and breathes chiropractic care. Her knowledge is unbelievable in assisting people with what is needed to help them live a more comfortable life. All of her recommendations have been extremely practical, professional and accommodating. Even my 11 year old son is seeing dr. Melissa for preventive care and a speech impediment which is connected to all the nerves. We both enjoy and have fun going to see dr. Melissa and her staff. They are truly amazing people. To finally wake up not in pain everyday and be able to have mobility back in my body is unbelievable and I owe it all to dr. Melissa at Verde Valley chiropractic!"




I cannot say enough about the care, expertise, and compassion that Dr. Melissa exhibits. I walked through the door one day, looking desperately for relief from extreme neck pain, migraines, and sensitivity to light. I was welcomed in, listened to, and treated with genuine compassion. After my adjustment, my pain score went from a near 10 down to a 2. This was after months of agony and coming to the point of not being able to function. I got off the table and gave her a huge hug. I was amazed and so grateful to have found such relief. I have since received regular adjustments from her and it has brought me out of a very dark place. I cannot recommend Dr. Melissa enough. She truly cares about her patients.

-Tammy Cambria, Sedona, AZ


I began coming to the Chiropractor in September. After the first treatment my body was so sore in my left lower back I could hardly sit. Instead of calling in and coming back that same week (first visit was on a Monday), I waited until the following Monday and boy was I in a hurtful state and full of pain. The Doctor started seeing me twice a week for about 3 weeks. My lower back was uneven from one side to the other and over the years had caused me to li mp terribly and each step hurt my back and my left knee. My knee would give way to the outside and I fell a number of times. That left leg was so weak. Many nights I would lie in bed and cry c.1z my leg would hurt so bad and I could find no relief in any position. I never told the Doctor that. I have never been one to run to the Doctor for anything and would never take drugs of any kind prescribed. Anything with side effects that would cause some other problem doesn't make sense to take to me. So it is just a matter of living with the pain. After 3 weeks I was close to pain free and had so much energy and could walk with less and less pain with each week. My back was not going out as bad between visits and I was getting better overall. I never realized how much pain I was in until most of it went away. I realize now my pain level was not a constant "1", as I had thought but more like a constant "3", and sometimes higher. Last week on October 10th, I jogged to and from the mailbox at work, which is probably 100 yards or so, throughout the day, probably six times as things came in and needed to be mailed out. I have not jogged in over 25 years. It felt so good. I am moving better and have more and more energy with each passing week. These adjustments have caused a miraculous response in my energy, lack of pain and overall well being. I feel fantastic and arn beginning to feel alot younger than my 64 years. This is so exciting, who knew that I just needed chiropractic adjustments all these 25+ years I've been living with pain. I walked and moved around like a 90 year old woman. Limped very badly and had hip, knee and lower back pain, all stemming from one side being uneven from the other side. My son and his wife, whom I work with, mentioned last week how amazing the change in my ability to move is. They are amazed at the difference in me. People at work are noticing also how well I am moving these days. I am also amazed and very grateful to the Doctor for the wonderful help and healing she is rendering me with these adjustments. I highly recommend regular adjustments. It is amazing for relieving pain, increasing energy and making a person feel like a million bucks. I am even losing weight as a result of more energy! That is a super bonus. My younger son who used to always call me Turbo Mom, cuz I moved so quickly and nimbly, should see me now. He would say, "Watch out world, Turbo Mom is Back, so get out of her way!" I am so grateful to the Doctor and her wonderful staff. This is an awesome place to come. Everyone is so friendly and truly cares. You don't find many practices like this in this day and time and I am so thankful that God led me to come here. He created a marvelous thing in the human body and if you keep it aligned properly it functions so wonderfully. Thank you Doctor Melissa Kopp for making my time here so beneficial and such a positive experience. I will continue mv adiustments hem because I love how my body feels after an adjustment!!!

-Donna L Murray